Blank Check Car Loan

blank check car loan from private party

Blank Check Car Loan with Quick Approval

Before the financial crisis, blank check car loans were very popular. Today, while still popular, they are much harder to get. The good news is at BadCreditCarLoansUSA, we can help you get car financing that is very much like Blank Check Auto Financing. We’re part of a large national network of lenders and automobile dealers. A number of them offer auto loans with blank check credit service to those who qualify, for those who don’t there are also great alternatives.

Blank Check Auto Loan That You Can Negotiate On Cost and Not On Financing

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As it sounds, a blank check is provided by the lender that you can write to an authorized seller, usually a franchised dealer, an amount up to the maximum loan amount for which you have been approved. You can use it for either purchasing a new or a used car. The process is simple and convenient. If you are approved for a blank check auto loan private party, you take it to the dealer and fill it out for the purchase of your next car.

If you don’t qualify, BadCreditCarLoansUSA network of dealers and lenders have other financing alternatives which may enable you to get a car the next day.

Buy Your Dream Car with Blank Check Car finance

  • Save money: You can negotiate the very best price knowing you have your Blank Check. In some cases, you can receive your check the very next day after being approved.
  • Save time: Now you know your terms and can move quickly without the hassle of negotiating your financing.
  • Stay in control: Shop and bargain like a cash buyer, negotiate on cost and not on financing.
Know How Blank Check Car Loan Work
  • A blank check car loan is a pre-approved loan and as part of the loan you are mailed a “blank check” good up to for the maximum amount of the loan for which you have been approved. You take this “blank check” to the dealer and it is filled in at the time of your car purchase for any amount up to the loan amount for which you were approved.
  • Our professionals will advise you it’s better to get a car loan blank check in hand prior to you start searching for the car you wanted to buy.
  • Getting an auto loan blank check grants you the power to bargain better with car dealership. You don’t need to worry about financing as you have the ability to fill in the “blank check” up to your full loan amount.
  • At the time of purchase the seller provides details of the car to the lender by phone and fax. This includes the specific model along with a VIN number and etc.
Blank Check Car Loan with No Dealer Fees and Extra Charges

In addition, a blank check offers you a way out of paying any “extra” or “special” finance charges often tacked on to dealer financing available at the showroom. The elimination of all these fees can save you considerable money.

Get Blank Check Auto Loans for Bad Credit

Depending on the lender, most require the applicant to have good credit to qualify for blank check car loans for bad credit or no credit history. Often it’s offered to those individuals you would not be required to put any money down on their next car purchase. If you think you are going to be required to put money down on a car, a blank check is not a way around this requirement. At CarLoansBadCreditUSA you can apply to get approved blank check car loans with bad credit. You credit and the current financial market will determine if you qualify. If you do, you just need to visit any authorized dealer and purchase your next car. It’s that simple!

blank check car loans for bad credit history